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My Website Has Been De-Indexed By Google

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My Website Has Been De-Indexed By Google


My Website Has Been De-Indexed By Google

Google is the most popular search engine of them all, and if you suddenly find
your website de-indexed, your first step is to get your website audited.

The problem with Google is that they’re not really forthcoming about how they do things. They don’t tell you their formula about how they will rank websites for certain keywords. And when they remove your website from its index, they won’t tell you exactly what you did wrong. You may just be told that you’re in violation of the webmaster guidelines, and that’s not going to help you figure out what you did wrong.

A site audit, on the other hand, can help pinpoint what’s wrong with your website. An audit inspects every page, along with the overall site structure. It can even include all the links your have on other websites.

Doing this on your own wouldn’t be practical. You need to make sure that you have a professional who can check every conceivable angle, and that pro can do it more effectively and faster than you ever could.

With a professional, several likely causes may be identified. There are dozens of possible causes, but they may be grouped into 3 distinct categories.

Black hat tactics. Such tactics are used to try to manipulate Google rankings. These tactics may be deliberate or accidental on your part, but to Google they’re all the same.

There are numerous black hat tactics which unethical SEO specialists use. These include buying links or swapping links excessively, using duplicate content or writing content using software, misusing keywords, overusing them or adding unrelated content, or redirecting visitors to a website that’s different from the one appearing on Google.

Negative SEO. SEO tactics can be used not just to improve your own rankings, but to lower or hamper the ranking of other sites. An audit may determine that someone out there is targeting you with their SEO strategy.

For example, they may be putting links to your website all over the Internet, and they’re on sites which have bad reputations or have nothing to do with your own niche. They may even be on websites based on countries abroad, which have nothing to do with your target market.

Inadvertent mistakes. You may have accumulated broken links, your website may be down a lot, you may have incorporated new features that slow down your page loading time, or your comments section may be accumulating a lot of spam.

There are too many possible mistakes to consider in this situation. So if you no longer see your website in Google’s search results pages then you need to act immediately. What you need is the help from Mr. SEO. We will provide an in depth site audit. After many hours of detective work and expert SEO analysis we should have answers to your important questions


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