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Why Not All SEO Companies Are Created Equal

Why Not All SEO Companies Are Created Equal

When it comes to providing services, not all companies are the same. Some companies offer better services, others offer better rates, and then there are also those who offer better services AND rates. This principle applies to SEO companies as well, and this is something that you need to realize if you are a small business owner in need of help with SEO for your website.

On the face of it, it may seem like bigger SEO companies would be an obviously better choice than smaller firms. After all, a bigger company employs more people which means they’ll be able to work on your project in a timely manner. But a closer inspection belies this. In fact, in most cases it may be better for you to work with a small SEO firm. 

Here are the reasons why it’s better to work with a small SEO firm:

1.Big SEO companies tend to have more customers. Now this may be a good thing for the SEO company but it’s not always advantageous for you, the customer. That’s because your website is likely not going to be given enough attention. When you work with smaller SEO firms, you’ll get a personalized service and it’s highly possible that more time and manpower will be devoted to your project. 

2.Big SEO companies often focus on big clients. If you are a small business owner and your project costs less than the projects of their bigger clients, then it follows that you won’t be categorized as high priority for the SEO company. 

3.Big SEO companies usually offer generic solutions. That’s because using generic solutions seem to be a more efficient method for them considering the size of their clientele. On the other hand, smaller SEO firms generally offer customized solutions tailored for your precise needs and circumstances. 

4.Big SEO companies adopt “corporate” practices. Take customer support, for instance. Bigger companies tend to be open only on certain hours of the day. This is normal for larger firms. But for smaller SEO companies, customer support may be available at all hours of the day. Keep in mind that if you are new to online commerce and marketing, being able to have your questions answered during odd hours can be crucial. 

5.Big SEO companies are not always stable. Don’t think that just because they are an established company they won’t fold up. Large companies go bankrupt all the time and this is especially true for the SEO industry. What if you invest a significant amount of money on an SEO package and the company goes bankrupt?

Essentially, as a business owner you have to consider two basic things when choosing an SEO company.  First, you need to know just how good they are at what they do; and second, you also need to find out if they will be able to give your website the time, effort, and attention it needs to rank high on Google. 

Working with a huge SEO company may have its perks but if you want personalized and dedicated service, you are likely to find it from a small SEO firm.