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Better SEO Conversion – Tracking Leads Phone Calls & Emails

How to Track SEO Conversion through Phone Calls and Emails for Your Business 

If you’re running a business online, SEO is just the first step to making your business successful. Effective SEO will get you to the top pages of the search results, and that leads to more traffic for your site. The ultimate goal is to convert visitors into customers and you can monitor your progress by checking your conversion rates.

Tracking SEO Conversion By Phone Calls 

Your website has done its job right when it has convinced a customer to give your business a call. Sometimes the call is to place an order for your goods or services. In other cases it’s about making inquiries. You can use this opportunity to educate your caller about your brand and the products you offer. The point is to dispel any doubt, so that the caller will turn into a paying customer.

Your callers offer some information which you can use to improve your business. You can gather this info through Google Analytics, custom tracking apps, or via the services of a professional tracking service.

  • Location. You can easily find out where your callers are from. If you’re getting a lot of really interested callers and potential customers from a particular city or area, you can then fine-tune your marketing to appeal to that particular area. You can add the name of the city to your SEO and marketing efforts, and perhaps you may use a local number for callers in that area to use.
  • Device. It is even possible to discover just what kind of smartphone your callers are using. You can then take note of the screen dimensions of these popular phones so that you can make sure your important info can be easily read on those screens. If most of your callers are using iPhones, then you may want to really make sure that all the crucial info on your site are large enough on iPhone screens.
  • Topics and dialogue. It’s even possible for you to record these calls, and you can use these recordings to improve your business. You can track the subject matter so that your customer support people have the data ready for these callers. You can even train your customer service staff to engage in dialogue more effectively. 

 Tracking SEO Conversion Though Emails    

Emails are also another way for your visitors to interact with your company. Again, such a mode of communication offers you the chance to foster a more meaningful relationship with the visitor. The advantages of this kind of communication include:

  • Tracking subject matter. You can now find out what these visitors want to know more about, and you even have a record of the email. You don’t need to record it like a phone call. So you can discover which of your products and services are eliciting the most interest, or you can find out which of your web page texts are confusing for your visitors. You can then focus more on those goods and services, or fix the problem copy.
  • Email marketing. When you receive an email from a potential customer, it then becomes perfectly alright to communicate with them through email. This can then be the start of your email marketing campaign.

Getting more traffic through SEO is just the beginning. It’s all about converting them into customers, and you can use phone calls and emails to track your progress towards that goal.