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Keyword Research


SEO Starts with Keyword Research

SEO Starts with Keyword Research

Before you even think about how to attract back links to your website or how to use a blog for SEO purposes, you first need to think about the keywords you are aiming for. People who use search engines to find information do so by typing certain words and phrases in the search bar. Your first responsibility therefore is to figure out what your target audience are typing in their search engines. This process is known as keyword research. 

Keyword Considerations

There are three major factors to consider when you are looking for keywords and phrases to focus on: 

1.How relevant is it to your business? This is fairly obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of businesses who fail at this sort of thing. For example, let’s say your company offers home security devices in Detroit. If you focus on just the word “security”, you may get visitors who want to know all about website security or even Social Security. You may also attract the attention of people who want to know how to be a security guard. 

The relevance covers your location and the area you cover as well. If you are limited to Detroit area alone, then you have to include “Detroit” in your keyword planning. You don’t really care for people who live in LA or Dallas, right?

2.How many people use the phrase? You want the keywords and phrases used most often by the people whom you want to attract the most: the people who are looking to buy home security devices. After all, that’s how your company makes money. 

While you can guess at the phrases they use, with proper keyword research, you can get a clearer idea of the words they use. You can compare the number of people who enter “Detroit home security” on the search bar to the number of people who used “How do I protect my home from intruders”. With proper research, you will know if it’s better to focus on the word “intruders” or if it is better to aim for “home invasions” instead. 

3.How competitive are these keywords? The best keywords are the ones who are not only popular but are also not really used by your competitors. Using low competition keywords leaves you with a much better chance of ranking #1 on the results. Being on the top spot of the first page of Google’s SERPS gets 91 32.5% of all the traffic. Being #2 only gets you 17.6%. 

No Room for Guessing

A lot of businesses today simply try to brainstorm for keywords. After all, if you have a business that sells home security devices in Detroit then you should have a fairly good idea of how your potential customers think. And if you can market to them, then you should be able to guess what keywords they will use on Google. 

But in the end, you’re still guessing. You don’t really know for sure. 

The only way to be 100% sure is to do proper keyword research, check the numbers and compare. Only then should you incorporate the best possible keywords into your SEO strategy.