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Why Does SEO Take Time to Obtain Rankings?

It’s normal for people to want instant results in this age of fast food, online shopping and microwave ovens. On the Web, people are naturally impatient, and websites that take too long to load are often abandoned. So in the world of SEO, there will be some clients who will want instant results.

And unfortunately, some unscrupulous SEO services give them what they want, or more accurately what they think they want.

They get the instant improvements they want, only to find out later on that Google do not agree with their SEO methods. After a few weeks of getting a lot of traffic, they realize that their website no longer appears on Google’s search results at all. They lost all their traffic, perhaps forever.

SEO requires organic growth. Basically, what this means is that you want your website to become popular with search engines in a way that seems natural and inevitable.

Google prides itself as the best search engine that gives its users the websites they’re looking for. The best SEO services serve as a bridge that helps Google recognize the real helpfulness of your website for potential visitors.

Here are a few reasons why an SEO campaign needs time to generate ranking improvements:

  1. Google doesn’t want instant improvements. Google hates it when you suddenly shoot up in the rankings. They’ll know you tried to manipulate your rankings, and they’ll penalize you for it.

And in most cases, they’re right to be suspicious. For example, if you suddenly have a thousand backlinks to your website overnight, then that’s obviously artificially generated.

Google checks backlinks because they’re a sign of your website’s relevance and helpfulness. It’s as if other people have read your info in your website, and they found that info so compelling that they link to your website on their own sites.

Now if this was a natural occurrence, then a thousand websites won’t discover and link to your website all at once.

  1. It takes time to make changes to your website. Proper SEO isn’t really a “one size fits all” proposition. It’s not like buying a shirt at the mall. It’s more like going to a tailor, where you need to find the right fabric, and have your measurements taken. The shirt is then customized to your fit, you try out the shirt, and minute changes are made to make it perfect.
  2. Google doesn’t monitor your website on a 24/7 basis. In other words, the Google bots roaming the Internet and noting the features of all the websites in cyberspace may not come back to your website for a while. Therefore, the changes you’ve made may not register with Google right away.
  3. SEO is competitive. Think about SEO as a race. While you may suddenly run faster, all your competitors are also running as fast as they can. Therefore, your gains will be gradual, since your competitors are rooted to the same spot.

You simply have to accept that improvements in your rankings can take weeks, months or even longer.