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SEO for Tax Specialists or CPAs

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SEO for Tax Specialists or CPAs



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SEO for Tax Specialists or CPAs

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization for Tax Specialists

Many people need help in figuring out how much tax they need to pay. That’s understandable because tax laws are extremely complicated, and they keep changing all the time. Tax laws also differ for each state. To get the help they need, many people check Google for the best tax specialist they can find in their city. If you’re a CPA or tax specialist, it makes good business sense to have a website and to use SEO to make it easier for potential clients to find you.

CPA Lead Generation

CPAs can benefit greatly from SEO because it’s one of the sure-fire ways to boost their website traffic. The higher your website appears in search engines, the more visitors it gets. This leads to more product inquiries and leads. With SEO, you don’t have to pay a lot of money on advertising. You’ll get leads in a very cost-effective way, and the results are long-term too.

Targeting Tax CPA Keywords

There are many keywords people use to find tax specialists or CPA professionals on the Internet. It can be quite overwhelming to try to get all these keywords yourself. But an SEO professional can do this job using special online tools and they can also analyze your competition to find out what keywords they are focusing on. With an SEO professional doing your keyword research, you’ll know what the best keywords are for your particular niche and then incorporate them in your web pages, blog, videos and so on.

Get Top Rankings in Your City

As a tax specialist you provide services to people living within your city. You need to meet with your clients in person, so anyone living hundreds of miles away would not be a potential client. Because you are targeting a local audience, then you need to focus more on local SEO. Your SEO professional will be able to recommend to you the best keywords to use based on your location. They can also get your website listed in local directories, gather customer reviews and other elements that can help you get the top rankings if anyone is searching for tax specialists in your city.

Choose Mr-SEO The Trusted Choice

You need a knowledgeable and ethical SEO specialist, in much the same way that your clients need an expert in tax laws. With the best SEO specialist to help you out, you can expand your clientele and really grow your business online by improving your Google ranking and getting more website visitors. Mr-SEO has been the secret of select business owners looking to expand their businesses online.


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  • We have worked with Matt  for over 4 years. He has turned our real estate company into one of the most successful lead generating websites in California. We have built our company around his ideas and SEO. He is by Far the best San Francisco SEO Gurus around.

    Don Jr.
  • Matt has helped me cut down my monthly PPC cost dramatically. We now rank #1 for the most expensive PPC keywords at $35 per click. We are generating more business from new locations and building our client base to new locations. I never thought we could expand our services without opening a whole other branch location.

  • Client Testimonials

  • Matt is the SEO Guru. His expertise and guidance have taken my business to the next level. I highly recommend Mr. SEO if you are serious about taking your business to the next level. I can’t believe I was able to get this much new business. I cannot stand spending hour’s making cold calls to produce new clientele. SEO is by far one of the best ways to get new customers.

  • Matt really knows his stuff. I highly recommend him for any company who wants more business. He is a Sharp, clever and works extremely hard in everything SEO he takes on. He’s always around for questions even at night when most people are not answering their phones.

  • Matt is the person if you want to get to the top of any search engine. Very professional and works hard for his clients. He’s helped in so many different situations. He is the most well-rounded professional that knows everything when I have questions! Thanks Matt for all your help and building my business.