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Outsourcing SEO to Other Countries

The Internet is a wonderful place, and one of the ways it makes the world smaller is that now you are no longer constrained when it comes to your choices. You want something done? You can hire a freelancer from anywhere in the world and in some places you can even those willing to take the job at dirt-cheap rates. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to SEO, outsourcing to other countries is a big No-No. While doing so may be cheap, you actually get much less than you actually deserve. You get what you pay for, and when you outsource SEO this way what you get are a whole bunch of problems instead of solutions. 

Lack of Security

First of all, can you really trust SEO “experts” located in say, India”? Giving your confidential website info to people you haven’t met or heard of can be risky. It’s like an invitation to getting your computer hacked. 

So when they screw up security, what can you do? They’re essentially operating beyond the jurisdiction of the US, so you have no proper legal recourse. You’ll be forced to just take it and move on. 

Improper Methods

Again, SEO professionals abroad may not always subscribe to proper SEO methods, and when they use “black hat” tactics, it’s you who’ll suffer when Google catches you and penalizes your website. Getting banned or blacklisted is a huge deal that will take months or years to solve, but it’s a problem that takes only a short time to create. 

Communication Problems

Then there is the inherent problem regarding communication when you deal with people based overseas. The problem is magnified when you talk to people who have English as their second language. You’ll find that often you can’t really understand what they’re saying. 

The problem goes way beyond diction, accent, and pronunciation. There’s also the matter of vocabulary, and what you mean may not be what they understand when you give them instructions or discuss your requirements. 

Of course, that’s assuming that you can even talk to them directly. They’re generally in a different time zone, and when you contact their customer service hotline what you’ll get is a machine instead. This can be terribly frustrating, and the entire process is truly inefficient. 

SEO is a crucial part of your online business and you can’t just make a decision about SEO based on price. It’s like getting a doctor to treat you or a lawyer to represent you in court. You just can’t choose a doctor or lawyer based on his rates. You have to be true partners with your SEO consultant, and that only works when you’re both in the same country (preferably the same city/state) operating under the same rules and talking in the same language.