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2014 SEO Ranking Factors

Google uses 200 ranking factors when ranking websites. While Google doesn’t actually reveal what these ranking factors are, SEO experts have a pretty good idea of what they are simply by examining the websites that appear on top of the SERPs. They are as follows:

1.Quality Content. While Google’s web crawlers obviously can’t judge the quality of your content directly, they can monitor the signs that indicate that you actually have the content that people want. Google checks your site’s bounce rate, which essentially tells them whether most of your visitors are staying longer or clicking out just as soon as they’ve arrived. In addition, since a lot of sites will link to “quality sites” the number of backlinks you get also says a lot.

On the other hand, Google can and do check if your website content is original. Google’s bots also check your multimedia content. They check the frequency of your updates, and when your most recent updates were made. Essentially, if you have a website then quality a factor you need to focus on the most. 

2.Social Network Presence. This involves the same principle as when you have other websites link to your site and mention your site often. A lot of people use social networks, and Google and other search engines pay attention to them. Social signals and spreading your content among networks are signs that your website is legit and relevant. 

But to build a fan base among Facebook and Google+ users, often you’ll be required to participant in social media yourself. So, this is something you should keep in mind.

3.Improved User Experience. Perhaps the most important factor here is loading time. That’s because Internet users are notoriously impatient, and they lose interest if it takes more than a few seconds to load a webpage. Mobile users are also increasing considerably, and that means your website must be able to function properly across multiple platforms. Other factors which are relevant here will include ease of navigation, and the lack of annoying popup ads. 

4.SEO essentials. These are the factors that SEO experts have always known to be relevant, and many of these have not changed all that much. For example, the domain name should be relevant to your niche, and your keywords should be placed in strategic locations on your website. Broken links should also be fixed, the site architecture should be organized, and there should be a sitemap. 

The fact that Google uses 200 rankings, however, does illustrate one very important point: if you are not an SEO expert, you won’t have time to deal with them all. You may be able to make sure that your content is valuable, unique, and up-to-date since that’s your job as a website owner, and you may also be able to promote your site through social media on your own. But it’s highly unlikely that you can effectively manage all the above factors by yourself. If you are looking for the top search engine optimization in San Francisco you have found the right firm.