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2014 Google, Bing and Yahoo

When SEO experts mention the term “search engine” they are actually referring to Google. For most people nowadays, Google is simply the only search engine they use, and so SEO efforts are often designed to get your site to rank high on Google. Here are three reasons why focusing entirely on Google is the right strategy:

  1. Google is used by the vast majority of internet users in the world.  There’s a reason why you don’t “Bing a topic,” or why even though Yahoo came first on the scene it was swiftly eclipsed by the Google juggernaut. Google works. People quickly came to realize this, and it was in fact Google that spurred Yahoo to improve its services. In 2013, more than two-thirds (67%) of Internet searches in the entire world were made through Google. In comparison, Bing and Yahoo combined for less than 29%. In the US the difference is even more considerable. It holds the top spot in every state in the Union, and it has 81% of the market share. Bing doesn’t even come close at 8.3%, which means that about 10 people use Google for every 1 person that uses Bing. And the once mighty Yahoo search engine now ranks third, with a paltry 7.8%. So in the end you have to consider this: would you try to implement a separate Search Engine Optimization strategy when it only affects 10% of the people Google reaches? This will only make sense if the effort, time, and expense of the extra SEO strategy are just a tenth of what’s needed for your Google SEO efforts. But it doesn’t make sense if you need to spend as much time effort, and money for a separate Bing and Yahoo strategy.
  2. In most instances, Google SEO offers improved results in Bing and Yahoo as well. The truth is, you don’t actually need a separate strategy. Furthermore, Yahoo search is also powered by Bing. That means you really have to be suspicious if your SEO expert says that you need a separate SEO strategy for Bing and another strategy for Yahoo, and that you have to pay for both.
  3. Google SEO is much better for your website as a whole.  One of the reasons why an SEO expert may try to convince you to have a Bing strategy is that this search engine still relies quite heavily on technical aspects such as keywords, meta tags, and title tags. But the hallmark of Google is its continuing efforts to figure out how to rank websites for keywords, by making sure the right websites come first in the search results. Google is the best when it comes to figuring out what your website is all about, and that’s why people use this search engine when they need information online.

When you do succeed in getting the number 1 position on Google’s SERPs, it generally means one thing: you actually succeeded in creating a website that’s the best for the visitor. And that is the real essence of SEO – to create the best website for your targeted visitors. By doing so, then sooner or later Google and just about every major search engine out there, will recognize it. Then all your SEO efforts will pay off. On the other hand, if you have no idea on how to improve your Google ranking, then the best way to address this concern is to work with an SEO expert who has the experience and skills to take your site to the top of the SERPs. 

This article was prepared by the premier San Jose seo company Mr-SEO