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San Rafael in California is on the map because it’s where the headquarters of Autodesk is located. Besides that, very few people outside of California has ever heard of this city. But that’s not really your concern, is it? Not if you own a small business in San Rafael and your main concern is getting more of the 58,000 people in the city to patronize your business. For that, you’ll need the right San Rafael SEO strategy.

You don’t need people in Bangladesh to find out more about the products and services you offer. You can increase the number of visitors from Europe, Asia, and Africa, but if these people aren’t your customers then you don’t really benefit from them.

What you actually need is a San Rafael search engine marketing plan that’s designed to actually let more people in San Rafael know about your business. So how do you do that with the help of San Rafael SEO services?

San Rafael Search Engine Optimization

Start with a good web design. San Rafael SEO takes into account the length of time each of your visitors stay on your website. And that means every element of your webpage must hold your visitor’s attention. You must put a lot of thought when deciding on your fonts and colors.

Think about mobile users when planning your web design. Like just about everyone else in the US, people in San Rafael use their smartphones and tablets all the time. Your web design must fit in smaller screens, and the buttons must be friendly for people using their small phone screens when navigating your website.

People in San Rafael are of course ardent users of Facebook and other social networking websites. And these are great vehicles for word-of-mouth marketing. And Google knows this, which is why its algorithm also takes this factor into account. Your San Rafael SEO consultant must be experienced in taking the social media aspect to improve your ranking in Google search engine results.

Increasing Online Visibility

You must also know what search terms potential customers use when they use Google to look for services and products similar to yours. You can’t simply assume what words they use—you have to do some real keyword research to find out. This is one of the basic and fundamental SEO services San Rafael companies need.

Mr-SEO is your best option among all the other SEO companies in San Rafael.

Our rates our reasonable, yet the value you receive from our San Rafael SEO plans is pretty high. We have an extensive experience in SEO, and we can tailor our San Rafael search engine optimization strategy to account for your specific needs. We don’t just offer premade packages that are meant to make things easier for us. Our San Rafael local SEO services are meant to boost your business growth through online marketing.

San Rafael SEO is the key to your company’s and we will make sure you get the precise strategy that your business needs.


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