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Reputation Management

Someone has “googled” your name online for sure. After all, more than a billion names are “googled” each day. 

Checking out a person or company on Google is pretty much standard operating procedure these days. In many cases its possible for someone to ruin your reputation by attaching your name to adult websites or other negative business damaging material like fraud or scam reports.

•When you apply for a job, your potential employer checks Google for information about you. Your curriculum vitae is nice, but you’re hardly an objective source of information about yourself. So HR departments will generally look your name up online.. 

•Your suppliers and customers also do a bit of background check using Google before doing business with you. Every time you hand your business card and introduce yourself, sooner or later that supplier or customer will look you up. After all, they need to know who they’re doing business with. 

•If you have your own business then potential clients will want to know more about you other than what you told them. Everyone who does business with you, including your potential sources of funding, will be looking you up online. 

•When you go on a date, especially a blind date, the person you’ll be meeting with will try to find more information about you first. Nobody wants to go out with a potential psycho! 

There are other ways people can form an opinion about you. But Google results can help people make up their minds about you. When potential employers don’t think you’re adequate for the position and they see a lot of posts online complaining about you, then that just confirms they’ve made the right decision.  

And when they do think you qualify for a position, the negative stuff coming up on the very first page of Google can make them seriously reconsider their positive impression of you. 

So What Can You Do About It?

One thing’s for sure, it’s virtually a futile exercise trying to remove all those negative things about you online, especially when they’re on websites you don’t control. They’re pretty much permanent, like an ugly tattoo. 

BUT a tattoo can be covered up by a piece of clothing, and that’s essentially what you do when you have negative things showing up online.  You can’t erase them, but you can bury them. 

But what’s the point of this, anyway? 

The point is that 90% of Google users hardly go past the first page. They just look at the first page, and click on the first few links. That’s it.

Essentially, this is SEO on a more personal level. Companies vie for the top spots because they know that’s where potential customers invariably go. They want to go ahead of their competitors. But in this case, you are trying to make sure that your potential “customers” see the websites you want them to see. 

That’s the point of Personal Name Reputation Management. 

You can’t prevent people from saying negative crap about you. But you can make sure that the crap is buried deep in the Google results, so that you end up smelling like roses. 

If you need help building and protecting your reputation online, Mr. SEO is the perfect solution. We have a service called Personal Name Reputation Management to ensure your reputation on the Web will IMPRESS, and not turn off potential customers.