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Novato SEO

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Business in Novato can be very competitive, and that’s not exactly news for Novato company owners. After all, there are only a little more than 52,000 people living here. And that means you have to make sure that Novato residents should think of your business first whenever they need something that you happen to offer. Coming in second can be fatal for your profit margin. It’s the same thing for your Novato SEO strategy. You must be on the first page of Google’s search results pages, because less than 10% of the people who use Google even bother looking at the second page. In fact, the very first website listed on the first page gets about a third (33%) of the total clicks. The #2 website gets about only 19%. Your local Novato SEO isn’t about driving massive traffic from people around the world. Your Novato small business SEO strategy is about targeting the local market, which are essentially the people in Novato who make up your consumer base.

The Novato SEO plans you use will involve a lot of research.

Here at Mr-SEO, we can help create a custom SEO strategy for your business. We can tailor our Novato SEO services to fit your circumstances. You will also get regular updates on how well your Novato local SEO plan is working, so that we can determine exactly what needs to be improved or even be taken out to make your SEO strategy work. And of course, our fee is very reasonable. The point of Novato SEO is to boost your business, and by giving you more for your money, we’re helping you do exactly that.

The research must determine the following info:

  1. The keywords your potential customers use when searching for similar products on Google. Just what are these keywords? Guessing may be good for some people, but for a business working on Novato search engine optimization, you can’t afford to simply make guesses.
  2. What your customers like to see in a website. It may surprise you to know that website design is an integral part of SEO. It’s not just about creating links and using the right keywords. It’s also about using the right colors and the right fonts, with the right images and videos to hold their attention. Your Novato SEO consultant should also offer these services.
  3. These elements in your web design may tempt your visitors to stay a little longer, and Google takes this into consideration.
  4. How to use Facebook and Google+. Your visitors can also help convince other potential customers to visit your website through social networking sites. Your popularity in social media websites can propel your popularity in Google.
  5. How you can cater to mobile Internet users. Your website should display properly in on smaller monitors and LCD screens of smartphones and tablets. This may also entail using apps to provide extra services and incentives for your customers.


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