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Fairfax is a very small town in California a few miles west of San Rafael, and there are fewer than 8,000 people here as of last count. If you limit your customer base to just the people living in Fairfax, growth can be very difficult—it can even be impossible. But that’s not the case when you use the right Fairfax SEO plan. That’s the point of the Internet, isn’t it? The Internet allows you to communicate and engage with any person online, but your Fairfax business doesn’t really need to do that.

What you need is to communicate and engage with potential customers, and for your company that means luring in customers from Fairfax as well as those living in nearby areas like San Rafael. Your Fairfax search engine marketing research should take this into consideration. So what do you need from Fairfax SEO companies? Here are some of the more crucial elements needed in your Fairfax local SEO campaign.

You need to target the right keywords. You have to know just what words or phrases people use when they check Google to find the products and services they need. Some small companies that try to do SEO themselves can only guess at these keywords because they don’t have the research capacity of the SEO companies in Fairfax.

You have to use the right web site elements. What fonts should you use, and in what size? What colors should you feature? What kind of articles should your blog contain and what kind of headline will catch their attention? These are the questions you can ask SEO companies in Fairfax.

Social networking websites should also be used for SEO purposes. Google takes social online activities into account when they rank websites in the search results. Websites like Facebook can also be very effective in spreading word about your company, and your search engine optimization Fairfax strategy can convince your customers to spread word about your website to their friends.

Residents of Fairfax and nearby areas are also heavily into using smartphones and tablets, and most of them use it when they are contemplating a purchase. That means your website design must be able to incorporate the features of mobile Internet. Your site must look good even on a smaller screen, and the buttons should be large enough for a person’s finger. Apps may also be part of the Fairfax SEO services you get, and a good app can make your website even more popular. For all these reasons, you need Mr-SEO.

Our expertise in Fairfax small business SEO can truly benefit you. We provide all essential SEO services Fairfax businesses need. We have the skills and the experience in local SEO, and we offer affordable packages. The point of the Fairfax SEO services we provide isn’t really for our growth. Our goal is to help your company grow and we will do all that we can to achieve this.


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