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Our Team

Matt Gerig
Founder & CEO, Senior SEO Strategist
Matt has has a rich, extensive background in robust, tested, SEO strategy development. He has spent years studying with some of the best SEO consultants in the nation. Matt continues to rigorously test and refine his unique SEO strategy developed that has demonstrated long-term top rankings across diverse markets. Making him leader at this San Francisco SEO Company.

Jeff Stevison
Co-Founder & President – Senior SEO Strategist
Jeff has over 15 years of performance marketing experience in multiple areas. The last five years has be dedicated to the relentless effort to master Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Jeff’s diverse background in web development, marketing, and high level sales allows for a deep understanding of the technical side and how SEO can drastically increase a company’s revenue stream.

Jennie Lamb
SEO Strategist, Web Developer/Designer
Jennie’s expertise lies in the critical juncture of on-site SEO and effective web design. She plays a key role integrating on-page SEO factors into a website without compromising its design or user experience. Jennie is also an experienced WordPress expert, and she facilitates the development of robust, SEO-optimized websites for all clientele. 

Jason W.
SEO Copywriter

Melissa Mae B.
SEO Specialist