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SEO for College and Schools



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SEO for College and Educational Schools

How SEO Can Boost Registration And Student Growth

In various studies, it’s been found that 70% of students use search engines like Google to help them gather a list of dream schools. Consider these stats:

      – 90% of potential students don’t know the school they want to attend when they use a search engine
      – 78% of those who finally decide on a school they will enroll in were influenced by search engines

If your college or university has a website then it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out that you also need SEO.

College & Educational School Lead Generation

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings lists the very best universities and colleges in the world, and just about every school wants to be on that list. But in the Internet landscape, Google is the most sought after list generator. A student can use it to find the best schools in a particular continent, country, region, state, or city. It can also rate schools in terms of other standards like safety, affordability, diversity, and even in terms of how fun it is to go there.

SEO is great for generating leads. You can use tools to track how many visitors you can get from search engines, and this can gauge the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. With SEO, your efforts are focused on real students who have demonstrated an interest in your school and programs. With other forms of advertising, you can’t really be certain if your ads are reaching your target audience.

Targeting Proper College Keywords

SEO also involves keyword research because your goal is to get your website to appear high up in the search engine results pages when people look for information related to your niche, in this case, colleges and schools. You will also be competing with other schools that offer the same programs as well as those in the same location as you. Am SEO expert can help identify the best keywords to focus on, so that you have a better chance of getting the attention of students who want to enroll in programs you are offering in your school.

Top Rankings for Schools in Your State and City

It’s important to also target students who are looking for schools in your geographic location. If, for example, your school is located in a city in California, then it makes sense to include your specific location in your keywords and even to get listed in local directories. This is the purpose of local SEO. After all, it would not make sense to try to compete with bigger and more established educational institutions when you are only trying to attract students who are looking for a school in your area.

Mr-SEO Can help Boost Enrollment To Your College or Educational School

Just as a good school forbids cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of intellectual dishonesty, good SEO doesn’t use shortcuts that go against Google guidelines. A college needs a proper SEO strategy that can represent the best they have to offer, and you can achieve this by working with Mr-SEO.


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