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Just about every Houston business these days knows the importance of Search Engine Optimization ‘Houston SEO’ in building businesses online presence. Your website must be used to grow and transact business, where people can place orders or communicating about your services.  

The only way you are going to get the word out in the search engines is by working with trusted experts like Mr-SEO. It is very rare to find a SEO firm who comes as well recommended and respected as Mr-SEO.

Houston Businesses rely on Search Engine Optimization

If you have a small or large business in Houston, that means that you need not just a website, but you also need to use Houston SEO expert Mr-SEO.

The essence of SEO is to use search engines to boost website traffic. This is usually done by ranking highly in the organic results whenever a user types a relevant keyword or phrase.

  1. It gives you instant credibility. If your website manages to get in the first page of results (or better yet, the no.1 spot), then you have proven that your website and your business is absolutely authentic, and relevant to the keyword used. That’s the power of search engines, especially Google. Google made its reputation by offering the best websites to people. By showing website on the first page, it’s as if Google is saying that your website and your business is one of the best.
  2. It leads more users to visit your website. Even without any scientific study, it’s pretty much a fact that people in Houston use search engines to find the website they’re looking for. The use of search engines is virtually universal. You don’t even have to go to to search. You can just type the keywords in the address bar and the browser will display results.  Once the results are shown, the search engine user can then just click on any of the sites on the page. That’s the advantage of search engines over TV or newspaper advertising. There’s no immediate result with these methods. People actually have to memorize or write down the website address first, and most of the time they just can’t be bothered. As a business in Houston, you have almost 2.2 million residents in the city as potential customers. And if you aim to be a leader in your niche in the state of Texas, you can reach as many as 26.5 million people. You can reach many of the adults and teens through the Internet, rather than through the TV, newspapers, or pamphlets.
  3. More visitors mean more business. And the results are instantaneous too. For example, if just 3% of the people who visit your website become actual customers, then a thousand visitors a day results in 30 customers a day. For many small business owners, 30 additional customers a day represent a huge improvement.  There also the fact that your website acts as an advertising tool for your business. Even if it doesn’t convert the visitor to a customer right away, at the very least the visitor becomes more familiar with your brand and the products and services you offer.
  4. Put SEO Into Your Budget. A lot of small businesses can’t afford major advertising campaigns, even on a local level. Buying ad spots in TV shows can be very expensive, and the same is true for advertising in newspaper ads. The results of SEO are also longer lasting. TV ads and newspaper ads, for example, are momentary. But that’s not the case with SEO. Your website can be among the top results day after day, with minimal costs compared to TV or newspaper ads. The same goes with the use of pamphlets and brochures. These are usually thrown away or stashed somewhere and forgotten. But search engines are always there, and the link to your website will always be there if you maintain your SEO efforts. 
  5. SEO targets more likely potential customers. How can you be sure that your TV viewer or your newspaper reader is actually interested in what your company is offering? You can’t. You can just hope for the best.  But you can actually be sure that a search engine user is much more likely to be interested in what you’re offering. For example, if you’re a dentist in Houston, then you know for a fact that a potential customer is interested in your services because they typed ‘Houston dentist’ in Google.


Successful Houston Companies Use SEO

You would think that if a company is already successful, they don’t need SEO. But then you’d be wrong. A successful Houston company almost always uses SEO for their online efforts.

  1. They don’t want to be outshined by competitors. There’s a certain prestige in being no.1, especially in ‘objective’ rankings. Google ranks websites according to relevance and quality, so the results are pretty much objective.

Keep in mind that there are (as of 2007) more than 219 thousand firms in Houston and in the whole of Texas there are at least 2.16 million. Competition will always be fierce, and successful companies want to keep their lead over the competition.

  1. SEO is cost effective. Even though large successful companies can afford expensive advertising campaigns, they don’t ignore SEO simply because it doesn’t cost much and yet the potential benefits are huge in return.
  2. SEO increases traffic, which then boosts marketing efforts. While some successful companies may not deal much on ecommerce, a large number of website visitors can help in research. The traffic directed by search engines may be persuaded to participate in surveys, and they may also interact with customer support.

These engagements can help large companies discover what their customers want. They can also find out the most effective ways of pitching their message to these customers.

There are many analytical tools that can be used to find out all these data. Blog posts are a good example. One particular blog post may be “liked” more, or generate more comments. They can also be viewed more often. These things tell large companies what potential customers are interested in.

But the data can only be collected when you have a large number of visitors, and that can be made possible through SEO.

Custom Houston SEO Plans and Services

Of course, you have the option to use SEO on your own. But it’s very unlikely that you can do it properly. It’s not just a matter of making sure that Google and other search engines have noted your website. It’s also a matter of making sure that the visitors you generate through Google are actually the potential customers you want to attract.

How do you know which keywords are used by your potential customers who live in Houston? You can guess, but an SEO professional can find out for sure. You can also guess as to what particular elements Google is looking for. But an SEO pro knows.

You can, of course, do your own research into the matter and do your own improvements. But this is a singular waste of your time and talents. Your most efficient strategy is to get an experienced SEO pro to do what needs to be done. The job will be better, and less time will be wasted. Meanwhile, you can direct your own time and efforts in the tasks for which you are better suited.

Your job is to run your business. Just as you let your office personnel greet your visitors when they enter the door, you ought to let Mr-SEO the professional do his  work. You will get better results, and you actually save time and money. Increase your ROI and build your brand to new levels online and offline.




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