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2014- Many Legs of the SEO table

Many Legs of the SEO table

Imagine SEO as a table and your website sits on top of it. But your SEO table needs to have four legs and they need to be sturdy. When one leg is broken, the table can fall apart and your website along with it. This is a very simple way of looking at SEO, but nonetheless it’s also very accurate. 

In this analogy, the 4 legs of the SEO table are the following:

1. Content. You may be surprised that this comes first, but it should always be remembered. That’s because what you offer on your website is the main reason why your visitors are there in the first place. Google wants you to offer what their users are looking for. Your content has to be fresh, original, and utterly useful and relevant. If your content is old, plagiarized, and basically useless, then you don’t have any hope of getting to the top of the Google results. 

2. Website design. Think about how your visitors use your website. Is the way your navigation tools arranged efficient in getting your visitors from one page to another? Are the buttons and links easy to find, and are the articles and other information they need arranged in some sort of coherent and logical order? What about online payments? Have you arranged for a secure and stable way for your customers to shop and pay for items? 

These are just some of the questions you need to think about in website design, and they also affect SEO. Think about it; Google checks for websites which offer what users want, and users want an efficient website design where navigation is easy and the tools are present. 

3. Aesthetics. You can call this aspect “graphic design”, but essentially it’s all about looking good. Some websites are really gross and inherently ugly. What you need is a site that is easy on the eyes so that your visitors will be tempted to stay long and use it. Ugly websites are rarely successful and popular. 

4. SEO tactics. Google reportedly checks 200 factors in determining the relevance of a website, and SEO professionals can help prepare your website towards satisfying those standards. For example, the right keywords to target should be identified and used in all the right places on your website. 

Then there is the matter of link building, which remains an important part of SEO. A good SEO professional can help you grow your links naturally, so that Google can use them as basis in ranking your website higher in search engine results pages. 

Like any table, the legs of course must be of the same height and weight for everything to work effectively. So in this case, what you need is an SEO company that can assist you in every aspect of SEO. With an SEO firm ready to provide strong and stable legs for your table, then your website will rank high up in the SERPs in no time.